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In June 2004, Symmetry formed the Symmetry Secondary Fund 2004, L.P. to purchase the private equity partnership portfolio of a Midwestern financial services company, which consisted of numerous venture capital, buyout and mezzanine partnerships.  This company asked Symmetry to analyze its portfolio and provide it with advice on how to best achieve liquidity.  After an in depth analysis, Symmetry provided the company with several alternatives, including the sale of the portfolio.  Following the company’s review, it asked Symmetry to execute a purchase transaction.  Symmetry's principals were able, through their contacts in the investment community, to quickly bring together a group of sophisticated institutional investors to fund the transaction.

This fund is an example of how Symmetry serves the needs of its clients:

  • The seller benefited from the in-depth analysis of potential alternatives without any commitment to sell.
  • The seller’s staff was free to attend to other business with Symmetry completing the analysis of alternatives and sharing the assumptions and conclusions with the seller’s management.
  • Symmetry’s investors benefited from buying a mature portfolio that almost immediately started producing distributions.  These investors did not have to suffer through the normal “J-curve” of negative returns associated with the early years of a primary partnership investment. 
  • Since the purchase, Symmetry has aggressively managed the acquired portfolio, including assuming the management of one of the purchased partnerships to lower costs and maximize the return for its investors

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