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Marshall L. Greenwald, CPA, CFA

Marshall L. Greenwald, CFA

Mr. Greenwald has over 25 years' experience in private equity investing. Prior to co-founding Symmetry in 2003, he spent more than 17 years with Kemper Financial Services (“KFS”) and its successor organizations (KFS was acquired by Zurich Financial, merged with Scudder Stevens and Clark and the combined entity was then sold to Deutsche Asset Management). Throughout this time, Mr. Greenwald’s responsibilities included the generation and analysis of private equity opportunities (both partnership and direct), the construction of private equity portfolios, and the development of new products and services for institutional clients. From 1981 until joining Kemper in 1985, Mr. Greenwald was part of First Chicago Investment Advisors’ (“FCIA”) venture capital group making partnership and direct investments for the firm’s commingled venture capital fund. He began his investment career in 1977 at FCIA as a public equity analyst,covering a variety of industries, including semiconductors, electrical equipment, healthcare, biotechnology, retailing and consumer products.

Mr. Greenwald has served on numerous partnership Advisory Boards and Valuation Committees. He received a B.S. in accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and a M.B.A. in finance from Indiana University. He is a CFA and a CPA.

Larry R. Wonnacott

Larry R. Wonnacott

Mr. Wonnacott co-founded Symmetry in 2003 after spending over 16 years with Kemper Financial Services ("KFS") and its successors. Beginning in 1988, Mr. Wonnacott shared the responsibilities for building and managing private equity portfolios with Mr. Greenwald. Clients included both separate accounts and a $173 million fund of funds the group successfully raised in 2001. In 1986, Mr. Wonnacott joined Boettcher and Company, then an affiliate of KFS, as one of the managers responsible for Boettcher Venture Capital Partners (“BVCP”). BVCP was a publicly registered limited partnership executing an expansion stage investment strategy. Upon completion of the active investment cycle for that fund in 1988, the activities of the Boettcher group were merged with those managed by Mr. Greenwald at KFS. Mr. Wonnacott began his venture capital career with Norwest Growth Fund, a large mid-western venture capital fund that operates as a Small Business Investment Company. From 1978-1985, he was involved in all aspects of the direct venture capital business including sourcing, structuring, and syndicating transactions, serving on Boards of Directors and managing exits from investments, both IPO’s and company sales. Eventually, Mr. Wonnacott became a general partner of Norwest and was responsible for the Denver office. Prior to venture capital, Mr. Wonnacott was a Commercial Credit Officer at Central Bank of Denver (now part of U.S. Bank) which he joined in 1974.

Mr. Wonnacott was co-founder and a former Director and Chairman of the Venture Capital Association of Colorado. He serves on the Advisory or Valuation Committees of several partnerships and has been a member of the Board of Directors of numerous venture financed companies. He has a BA and MA in Economics from Florida Atlantic University

Kathie A. Holland, CPA

Kathie A. Holland

Ms. Holland started with Symmetry Investment Advisors, Inc. (“SIA”) in July, 2004 as the firm’s controller.  Her primary responsibility is the day-to-day internal operations of SIA, which includes preparation of the financial statements and tax returns for the Partnerships under management, coordination of capital calls and distributions for both the investments and Partnerships’ investors, and maintenance of the accounting records for SIA and its Partnerships.  Ms. Holland was also instrumental in the design and development of the accounting systems used to track the investments made by the Partnerships. 

Ms. Holland started her career at Kemper Corporation in 1987.  During most of her time at Kemper, Ms. Holland worked in the corporate accounting and real estate divisions preparing financial statements and tax returns for many of Kemper’s subsidiaries and various lines of business.  In 1995, Ms. Holland joined Mr. Greenwald and Mr. Wonnacott in the private equity group at Kemper, where she was responsible for client reporting, performance measurement, coordination of capital calls, distributions, restricted stock trading and database maintenance.  Ms. Holland received a B.S. in accounting from the University of Illinois, and she is a CPA.


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