Symmetry Investment Advisors, Inc.

Symmetry was selected as the name of the firm to reflect our long held belief that the interests of our clients, our firm and the managers of our underlying investments are aligned.  We view our partnerships to be "partnerships" in the truest sense of the word, where the goals and objectives of all parties are in sync with one another.  We endeavor to understand the needs of our partners, as well as those of prospective sellers of partnership interests, and then develop the appropriate solutions. 

We believe that the private equity industry has been built upon the foundation of performance incentives.  Further, we believe that while current income for all parties in the process should be reflective of the skills and experience of the individuals, the real focus should be on economic incentives based upon proven results.  Entrepreneurs can generate great wealth from their “sweat equity”, provided that their companies are successful.  The carried interest structure incorporated into private equity partnership agreements can likewise create wealth for the general partners, provided that their investments are successful.  Similarly, the fee structure for Symmetry’s funds is designed to reward the General Partner, provided that the limited partners enjoy attractive long-term returns.

Within this philosophical context, Symmetry strives to build well-diversified client portfolios that are targeted to deliver top-quartile returns with a minimum of downside risk.  


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